JI sees class war in Pakistan

Lahore: Ameer Jamaat e Islami (JI) Pakistan: Sirajul Haq: has said Pakistan has been witnessing a war between the oppressed and oppressor classes.

Addressing a JI central workshop at Mansoora on Saturday: he said that a tiny elite class had full control over the government system and was also adopting every tactic to maintain the status quo. The electricity supply of a poor man was cut off for non-payment of Rs. 600 while the bills of influential people running into billions were written off: he added.

The elite had full control over the economy and the market. They fix the prices of different items by themselves and earn huge profits. This war has been going on for the last sixty five years: he said.

Haq said that the influential elite were deeply involved in corruption and plunder of the public wealth and according to the superior courts: there was corruption of more than Rs 8 billion every day which was also a form of terrorism.

He said these elite people were hiding themselves behind different political parties and they never brought each other to accountability. Instead: they protected each other’s corruption and interests. This small lobby stood united against the poor masses and was determined to continue this system of oppression and exploitation at every cost. He said it was this lobby that caused the breakup of Pakistan and the emergence of Bangladesh: and which had enslaved the country in the hands of the IMF and the World Bank.

The JI chief said that the oppressed: poor people were paying taxes upon which the elite were continuing their luxurious living: the elite ruling class framed policies to deprive the masses from the basic needs of life.

He said the JI wanted to change the prevailing oppressive system with the strength of the masses. The JI wanted to bring about a system in which the poor and the rich were equal: and the children of the poor could get education at the school where the wards of the rich were on roll: and the children of the poor got medical facility at the hospital where those of the rich were attended.

Sirajul Haq said that the western economic system based on interest could not provide real solution to the economic problems of the humanity: and added that the solution lay in the Islamic system.

The prevailing interested based economic system in the whole world including Pakistan had resulted in the concentration of wealth in a few hands who exploited the rest of the humanity. However: he noted that the Islamic economic system was becoming popular and only in England the banking business of trillions had gone in to the Islamic banking.

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