New political party Pasban-e-Pakistan launched

Lahore: Pasban a citizens’ rights organization here Monday announced to enter the political arena with the name of Pasban-e-Pakistan (P-e-P), and its newly elected president Altaf Shakoor announced that P-e-P would struggle for the basic rights of people including giving them food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare, jobs, electricity and gas and strive to end corruption and bring polls reforms through proportionate electorate.

He said load shedding of power and gas is a major issue haunting Pakistani and his party would rid people from the menace.

Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club, he said mid-term election is not solution to problems faced by people. He said it needs a revolutionary change in the prevailing political system for which the P-e-P would play its due role, by providing the nation a brave and patriotic leadership. He said they would not allow the monopoly of a few elite families on the national politics.

President Altaf Shakoor said those who won the elections with the slogan of a change went busy to get their vested interests after winning the election. He said the decision to make P-e-P was made in the Pasban Leadership National Convention held in Lahore. The two-day moot approved the name and flag and electoral symbol of the party. The Pasban central executive committee also elected Altaf Shakoor as the president of P-e-P for next five years.

He said the nation has been fleeced by different rulers in last 65 years. Every ruler has looted the nation and country for his vested interests. They have made politics a lucrative business, where crooked politicians are given a free hand to exploit the masses. He said there should be a proportionate electoral system and the prime minister should be elected by the people and not by Parliament. The horse trading should be stopped.

He said local bodies’ elections should be held on priority basis to solve the problems of masses. He said there is no compromise on Aafia Issue and the demand of release of Aafia Siddiqui is also included in the political program of P-e-P. He said we believe in serving people and Pasban during last 2 decades had served the masses at grassroots level.

On the occasion, Usman Moazzam, Aftabuddin Qureshi, Tariq Jameel, Abdul Hakim Quaid, Tariq Rehan, Khurma Bashir and other P-e-P leaders were present.

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