Demand to boost capacity, morale of FC

Lahore: The Punjab Forum on Thursday criticised federal and provincial governments for not doing enough to keep the fighting capacity and morale of Frontier Corps (FC) high.

Baig Raj, President of Punjab Forum in a statement said that FC lacks everything like moral support, political backing, funds, equipment, officers and men necessary to deal with separatists.

Moreover, the Finance Division has slashed 30 per cent of the funds earmarked for the FC which is criminal; the decision must be reversed immediately, he demanded.

Baig Raj said that Government is sole responsible for the situation which amounts to discouraging the defenders of the motherland while encouraging terrorists who are getting everything from dozens of countries that want Pakistan broken to pieces.

Masses would never accept steps dealing devastating blows to FC which has been struggling to establish the writ of the government in the areas of Balochistan where it is impossible to play the national anthem, he said.

The President of the Punjab Forum said that dozens of helicopters are reserved for VIP duties and air ambulance services but only one chopper has been given to FC Balochistan to fight our war which is unacceptable.

He said that those advocating talks with separatists have done a great disservice to Pakistan as their efforts have helped terrorists to gain ground and strengthen their ranks.

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