FBR Union will protest against double duty

LAHORE: The Federal Revenue Alliance Employees Union has threatened to hold protest demonstration all over the country against the discrimination in duty hours of lower staff of the Inland Revenue. The decision was taken following the central president meeting with the regional leaders of the union.

The FBR Union Central President Mian Abdul Qayyum strongly condemned discriminatory attitude of the high officials of the FBR, who perform their duty without any timetable or schedule while forcing the lower staff to sit in the office for extra time of eight hours which is totally illegal and against the rules.

“If the lower staff, which reaches their offices at 9 am, is asked to present in RTOs till late night by the officers, they should be paid overtime. When staff arrives at 9 am, they should be relieved at 5 pm after completing their eight-hour duty and if official requirement is retaining them in offices the department is bound to pay them overtime.”

“The fact is that officers, who attend office at 12 to 1 pm and sit there by 8 to 9 pm for personal reasons, could not compel their assisting staff to perform extra duty without additional salary.”

Mian Abdul Qayyum also criticized the unfair practice of Commissioner Inland Revenue Withholding Zone, RTO Lahore, Nadim Arif, who arrives at the RTO in the afternoon and present there, late at night but his lower staff, who reach on duty early in the morning are forced to accompany him till late night to assist his personal work.

Union president said that if employees ever refused to perform extra job the commissioner threatens them to freeze their allowances, issuing them charge sheet, show cause notices etc.

Mian Abdul Qayyum warned the officers to shun this discrimination of duty hours for lower staff, saying that if employees will do additional duty they must have been paid over time. If this illegal practice is not stopped the union will hold protest demonstration in all RTOS till the end of this illegal practice.

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