Peace not possible without deweaponization: PEW

LAHORE: The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Wednesday said peace and economic stability will remain a far cry unless serious deweaponisation initiatives are executed across the country and rule of law is ensured.

“Influential enjoy all the resources and protection while man on the street remains helpless and the business community has to seek protection from criminal gangs so that they can continue their ventures peacefully,” said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.

He said that VIP culture had been flourishing in the country which had given birth to certain social ills which included increasing number of self-appointed heavyweights.

Dozens of VIPs can be spotted on roads and business centres that don’t deserve official protocol as per the rules but enjoy it on their own cost.

Mughal said: “Those who pretend to be somebody are being escorted by the vehicles blaring sirens with armed private guards escorting them while harassing masses and disrupting traffic.”

“Disregarding all the rules, regulations and norms of decency, the guards in such squads would clear the road for their masters in advance to satisfy their ego and ensure their undisturbed movement which was highly immoral and illegal.”

The tendency is not limited to politicians but wealthy businessmen, real estate developers and heads of known criminal gangs are also practicing the new norm, he observed.

He said that district administration, district police or traffic police have yet to find courage to stop this increasing social menace which has encouraged self-appointed VIPs and discouraged masses.

Dr Mughal noted that almost every self-styled VIP possessed many high-powered vehicles with tinted glasses but they seemed to be immune to fines while masses continued to pay for violations and greed of traffic police.

It has become a challenge for the police to stop influential from exhibiting arms publicly and torturing masses as well as motorists, he said.

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