LB elections gaining momentum in District Chakwal

Chakwal: The local bodies’ election is gaining momentum at seventy-one Union Councils and six Municipal Committees as there would be a contest between PML-N and ex-district Nazim Sardar Ghulam Abbas group while PPP, PTI and PML-Q failed to bring out potential candidates so far and it is likely that they would adjust themselves with Sardar Ghulam Abbas group.

There were three to four candidates at every ward and Union Councils who were seeking PML-N tickets and the distribution of tickets would be a great test of PML-N as the affectees who failed to get the tickets would pose difficult situation to PMLN.

Sardar Ghulam Abbas group on the other hand finalized very strong candidates in every Union Councils and wards and this group has become a major threat to PMLN.

The local religious groups named Tehreek-e-Khuddam-e-Ehl-e-Sunnat announced its support to PMLN candidates at a convention addressed by its Ameer Qazi Zahoor-ul-Hassan at village Bheen and more than 3000 workers of the organization from all over the district attended the convention.

There will be a very keen and close contest at each ward and Union Council. The election campaign will kick off when the nomination papers would be filed from 22nd December to 27th Dec.

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