Levies foil terror bid

CHAMAN: Levies foiled a terror bid andrecovered large quantityo f arms form a wagon alogn quetta-Chaman highway Tuesday. This was stated by Assistant Commissioner Kill Abdullah Alam Faraz Muhammad Hasni at a briefign at Killa Abdullah Rest House today.

He told Reporters that Levies was tipped terrorists had plan of terror bid in Quetta and interior of the provicne on eve of Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). They would carry dangeorus weapons from chaman via Killa Abdullah. Levies posts at the entry and exit points were alerted and checkign of vehicles started. Early today Incharge Levies Post Said hameecRoss Abdul Malik alkozai and Levies men stopped a wagon No LES-7730 and searched it. It led to recovery of Megarov (28), kalashinkov (6) including two American and German origin Kalashinkov.

AC told that drive rof the vehicle Ahmed Noor residnet of Miran Shah North Waziristan was also arrested.

He said recovery of this cache saved Quetta from a big terrorism.Had this reached Quetta or interior fo the rovince a major terror bid could take place.

He annoucned award of cash prizes of Rupees tow thousand for each Levies man of the party which seized the weapons.

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