CM suspends Secretary, DG and DDO Sports

Peshawar: Taking cognizance of reports highlighted in the press regarding transfer of discretionary funds to the tune of Rs.1.8 million into the personal account of the Minister for Sports Mr. Mehmood Khan, the Chief Minister Parvez Khattak ordered an immediate enquiry to be conducted into the matter by Dr. Hammad Uwais Agha a senior BS-21 PAS Officer.

After going through the record and statements of all concerned ( Mehmood Khan, Minister for Sports, Ahmad Hassan Secretary Sports, Mr. Tariq Mehmood DG Sports and Mr. Muhammad Tariq, DDO) the Enquiry Officer determined that the case for transfer of the amount into the personal account of the Minister was processed on file by the Secretary Sports, DG Sports and DDO Directorate of Sports in violation of almost over 20 rules, contained in the GFR, Rules of Business and the Combined Treasury Rules.

The enquiry report has pointed out that prima facie the Minister had no role in the matter as handling of financial matters falls within the ambit of the Principal Accounts Officer and his immediate supporting sub ordinate staff.

The enquiry has also pointed out that a BS-17 officer was working on a position of DG Sports a BS-19 position which was a contributing factor to the whole sordid affairs. Taking serious view of the situation, the Chief Minister KPK on the advice of the Chief Secretary has issued suspension orders in respect of Ahmad Hassan, Secretary Sports, Tariq Mehmood, DG Sports and Muhammad Tariq, DDO with immediate effect to be followed by disciplinary proceedings under Efficiency & Disciplinary Rules against the defaulting officers.

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