JI Fata demand compensation package for victims of Bata Thal bomb blast

Peshawar: Jamaat-e-Islami Fata has demanded the government to announce special compensation package for victims’ families of bomb blast in Bata Thal, area near Tehsil Bara, Khyber Agency.

Addressing at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club here on Friday, the JI Fata deputy general secretary, Shah Faisal Afridi said that the innocent people had been killed in the bomb blast a few days ago in Bata Thal, but the government was yet not announce any compensation package for heirs of the victims.

Flanked by Ameer of Malik Deeni Khel tribe, Mohammad Farooq Afridi, deputy ameer Bara, Sultan Akbar Afridi and Qambar Khel tribe ameer, Javed Afridi, the JI deputy general secretary said the few injured people were not registered in official list, due to shifting them to private hospitals for early treatment.

He said most of the victims had permanent residents of Bara, and heirs were yet not compensating by the government, which mostly belonging to poor families. He said the government had raised mere hollow slogans, but didn’t take practical steps for mitigating the suffering of tribal people.

Mr Afridi demanded the government to also compensate those people whose businesses were lost due destroying shops, markets and petrol pumps in the bomb blast. He asked the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to immediate announce a compensation package for the victim families, of the Bata Thall bomb blast.

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