Koki Khel grand jirga?

Peshawar: Koki Khel grand jirga ends in Jamrud.The displaced families must come back soon or face the music, the jirga elders issued decree.

The koki Khel grand jirga was attended by Swat Scouts Commandant Col Asim Rauf, PA Khyber Shahab Ali Shah and MNA SHAH Jee Gul, besides prominent elders of the Koki Khel tribe. The jirga was held between the government officials and the Koki Khel tribe to sort out a permanent solution to the onging insurgency in Jamrud sub-division of Khyber agency at Pupm House station here in Tuesday.

The Swat Scouts Commandant Col Asim Rauf in his speech urged the Koki Khel tribe’s elders to flush out the militants and terrorists from their area to help the forces to establish durable peace in the region. He also asked the tribal people to cooperate with the forces to restore writ of the government, reportedly making it clear that security forces don’t want deliberately to force the people to migrate from the area. He made it clear that there was no need for the people to get displaced, asking the displaced families to come back.

PA Khyber Shahab Ali Shahin on this occasion said that it was government and security forces prime responsibility to establish peace in the area and restore writ of the government, urging the Koki Khel tribe to cooperate with the forces and political administration to ensure establishment of durable peace in the area.

MNA Shah Jee Gul while expressing his views made it clear that he and his tribesmen would never leave the area amid the ongoing growing tension in the area. MNA requested the official of the security forces to set free the innocent people, making it clear that Koki Khel tribe would take a joint action against those who have left the area if they forthwith failed to return, adding that their empty houses would be bulldozed to ensure any militant could not take shelter there. He said that they would help the forces to improve the law and order situation in the area.

Malik Faizulah Jan and others while speaking to the grand Koki Khel jirga regretted on the deteriorating law and order situation. They announced to fine one million each self displaced family if they could not return soon to their houses and that their houses would be set on fire.

They said that they would not like to live in the refugees camps, asking thd tribesmen to participate in large number in the upcoming jirga session scheduled to be held soon after Eid to chalk out a strategy how to create peace in their area to avoid further blood shed and to deal with the situation successfully, local sources informed.

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