OIC Secretary General meets CM, Pays homage to martyred school children

Peshawar: Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) Secretary General Iyad Amin Madani called on KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak at CM House Peshawar on Saturday.

He strongly condemned the Peshawar School carnage terror incident and paid rich tributes to martyred children and teachers. He was accompanied by officials of OIC while KP Senior Minister for Health Shahram Khan Tarakai, Minister Education Muhammad Atif Khan and high ups of provincial govt were also present on this occasion.

SG OIC while expressing deepest grief over the terror incident said that side by side other international community the heads and people of all Islamic countries were gravely shocked and condemned the killing of hundreds of little angels in Peshawar school incident whereas the entire Muslim Ummah equally shared these moments of grief and mourning with KP govt, people and aggrieved families.

He said that he was visiting Peshawar for expressing sympathy and solidarity with the victims families by representing the Islamic countries. He said that the killers of innocent children and terrorists at large have no religion but they were in-fact a minority whereas terrorism was their religion.

He said that massacre of over hundred innocent school children has also awakened the entire Muslim Ummah and a sharp feeling emanated that terrorism has become a menace and cause of weakness for the Islamic world in particular wherein time has come to take unanimous strategy and decisive measures to uproot the scourge of terrorism and extremism from our societies.

Iyad Amin Madani revealed that OIC was going to organize peace conference of the Ulema and ambassadors of Muslim countries in Peshawar to adopt joint strategy against terrorism in light of its recommendations in backdrop of the recent terror incident of school carnage.

He assured the provincial govt that his organization would contact the victims’ families individually and would extend every possible spiritual, moral and financial support to them.

Pervez Khattak on this occasion said that we all are in state of immense grief after receiving hundreds of the dead bodies of our blood bathed school children while entire province especially Peshawar is still in grip of mourning.

He said provincial govt is organizing a team of Physiatrists for Psycho treatment of the affected children so that they could be saved from mental crumbling.

Minister Health Shahram Khan Tarakai explained that due to shortage of Physiatrists in the province the federal govt and hospitals like Al-Shifa have also been contacted for cooperation in this regard. Upon it the OIC Secretary General offered that Physiatrists from Muslim countries would also be sent to Peshawar to help in mental treatment of these terror affected children.

He acknowledged that psycho treatment of children was a long and patience-testing task and OIC wants to help KP govt in this noble cause.

Chief Minister wondered that terrorist elements usually claimed that they were staunch Muslims and followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but they practically negated it because Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had come to the world as savior and blessing for the entire humanity.

“It is not the teaching of our Prophet to show fake portraits of paradise through paintings on walls of a room to teenage children and youth of poor families and make them suicide bombers to give blood bath to our own people even the innocent children and then to give lame excuses and explanations to justify such wicked and gruesome terror acts”, he deplored.

He added that it was daylight fact that our army is safe-guardian of our motherland and Police force guaranteed protection to our people while attacking them meant nothing but to weaken the country which is known as fortress of Islam and also to make people vulnerable and give them feeling of insecurity by such terror acts.

He said that no state could allow it or could afford such state of insecurity and that was why the fresh terror incident opened eyes of the entire nation and hence there was no option left with us except to take stern measures to eliminate the menace of the terrorism that was ailing our state and society for the last so many decades.

OIC Secretary General fully endorsed the view point of the Chief Minister and assured KP govt of all out support and cooperation on behalf of his organization and Muslim Ummah.

On this occasion fateha was also offered for the martyred school children and teachers, early recovery of the injured as well as deep sympathies were expressed with grieved families of the victims.

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