Polio campaign boycotted in Landi Kotal

Peshawar:,,, The polio campaign was boycotted in a protest demonstration staged against excessive load shedding by the tribesmen here in Zakha Khel area of tehsil Landi Kotal, sub-division of Khyber agency on Thursday.

Dozens of tribals from Sultan Khel, Azam Khel, Dalil Khel, Shudan Khel and Ismael Khel, sub-tribes of Zakha Khel protested against the suspension of power supply that created artificial scarcity of potable water in the area, tribesmen regretted.

They were chanting full throat slogans against TESCO. The angry mob restricted the anti- polio administrating teams and stopped them from feeding the polio drops to their children of the area till resuming of electricity.

Later the local administration’s officials rushed to the area and after assurance the protest and boycott were temporarily suspended for a day.

Talking on the occasion Malik Abdullah Khan, who was leading the demo, said the polio boycott had been temporarily called off and the administration had been asked to make possible the flow of electricity to Landi Kotal in twenty four hours, otherwise they will have no other option, but to permanently boycott the polio drive and to block the Pak-Afghan highway, besides holding peaceful protest demonstration on a very large scale.

It is worth mentioning here that the same tribesmen held protest demonstration at Sultan Khel area against the TESCO authorities for suspending the power supply to Khyber area of Landikotal, regretting the authorities for not taking notice of the situation.

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