PTI proposes effective way for resolution of political deadlock

Peshawar: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has proposed an effective way for resolution of political deadlocks however PML-N is not serious in addressing public demands. Weather Imran Khans allegations are true or simply propaganda, will unfold if the government forms an effective judicial commission to investigate the rigging allegations. These views were given by PTI spokesperson Ayesha Gulalai in a Press Release issued from PTI Provincial Secretariat.

Ayesha Gulalai said every constituency that has been investigated until now has provided proof that 2013 elections were rigged on a massive scale. Despite all proofs, people of Pakistan are lingering for justice. If people are not given justice till November the 30th, tsunami of Pakistani crowds will wipe out the fake government who came through a rigged mandate.

Pakistani people, especially women and youth of Pakistan will succeed in making a new and better Pakistan for the coming generations where there will be rule of law, justice and a country where people can hold their leaders accountable for their actions. PTI is the only party which is struggling to make Pakistan a better country for its citizens, she added.

The current bogus government has added over 100 crore dollars to Pakistan debts and the citizens are going to receive a new package of CNG closure for four months in the coming days. Spokesperson Ayesha Gulalai also stated that the GSP plus status given by European Union is passing unutilized.

Ayesha Gulalai also stated that it is not Fazal Ur Rehman that is against Islamabad Dharna but the ministries and prerogatives given by Nawaz to Fazal ur Rehman are speaking against the current protests.

However it is not clear what the cleric wants after losing his home constituency to PTI in previous elections. Ayesha also said that Fazal Ur Rehman should stop his rhetoric against women and daughters of Pakistan otherwise they will wake up in protest against such hypocrite leaders, she added.

Ayesha Gulalai also stated that it is shameful that a person who finds himself as a religious cleric is only interested in feeding his greed by using Islam for propaganda purposes. Fazal has insulted the women and daughters of Pakistan just for the sake of saving a fake government led by Nawaz Sharif.

She stated that out of the fear of accountability, parties supporting status quo have developed Dharna fobia. However people of Pakistan will not stop their protests until this system based on injustice and exploitation comes to an end.

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