Taliban and Government agreed to continue negotiation, confidence between two sides has been restored, Samiul Haq

Peshawar: Chief of Taliban Committee Maulana Samiul Haq has said that confidence has been restored between Taliban and Government and both the sides have agreed to continue the dialogue process till a positive end.

Addressing a press conference soon after returning from Waziristan after meeting of Taliban Shura and Government committee on Wednesday he said both sides consider dialogue important and both sides agreed to continue it.

“ it is a big progress that both the sides have directly listen to each other and discussed various issues. We will culminate the process on a positive end and will not disappoint the nation. Both sides are agreed that they will not allow any deadlock in the negotiation process,” Samiul Haq remarked.

Maulana Samiul Haq said Taliban Shura and Government Committee meet for seven long hours after they reach Waziristan at 10 am on Wednesday morning. He said both sides will meet again within two days. “ we will not disappoint the nation” Sami said.

Talking on the occasion Professor Ibrahim said that both sides have shown agreement in continuation of dialogue. He said the process needs patience as it is hard process to convert a war like situation that has been continued from last 10 years in to peace. He said nation should pray for the success of the dialogue process and nation will soon hear a good news.

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