Two minor children died of cold en route Afghanistan

Peshawar: Torkham based political administration said that two minor children known as Zarmina one year old and Farmina five months old died of severe cold in Shagai area of Jamrud en route Torkham.

Administration official said that the Afghan family was travelling from Azad Kashmir to Torkham border crossing at night time in a tractor trolly when they reached Torkham station at nigh time along with the two deceased minor babies. he said that the victim family was provided with food and night stay and was repatriated early in the morning to Afghanistan via Torkham border crossing.

Meanwhile Custom Clearing Agents closed import and export services at Torkham custom station. The custom clearing agents under the leadership of their union president Abdullah were protesting against the Torkham based political administration for not solving their long standing problems.

Abdullah said that there was not proper car parking for their workers’ vehicles nor there was any overfly bridge for them to cross over to the custom station as the authorities have erected walls and fences which have blocked their exit and entry points .

He also said that there was no bank and other communication facilities so that they could carry on their businesses in a smooth way . they also criticised the Khasadar Force personnel for their misbehaviour with the workers of the custom, which they condemn . The Political tehsildar Torkham later held with the protesting custom clearing agents to resolve their grudges and grievances.

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