CM advisor meets CE PEI

Peshawar: Poverty Eradication Initiative (PEI), a program funded by Pakistani expatriates, has announced reward package for families with outstanding cooperation in the Polio Eradication Campaign in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Sehat Ka Insaf is launched in order to make the immunization campaign a real success by gaining the maximum cooperation of parents and thus safeguard the children against the lifelong disability and eradicating polio and other fatal diseases.

It was disclosed in a call on meeting of the Executive Director of PEI, Shahid Yousaf with Advisor to CM Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Economic Development RafaqatUllah Babar at the office of the latter. Shahid Yousaf told on the occasion that PEI was a program funded by Pakistan expatriates mostly from America, Canada and Australia which works in the fields of medical support program and housing sector service delivery.

Rafaqatullah Baber, while appreciating the initiatives of EPI, stressed the need of sorting out a clear and concrete administrative control with the relevant government sector in order to ensure transparency and efficiency in the initiatives. He assured the EPI of all possible cooperation and facilitation from the provincial government. Executive Director EPI thanked the advisor for the same and pledged to prepare the reward package within a week time to make the provincial governments’ effort for eradicating polio a real success.

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