Governor KP appreciates the narratives of those converting to Islam

Peshawar: The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Eng.Shaukatullah Khan has said that the narratives of those converting to Islam from across the world on the one hand add to the sprits and vigour of the Muslims while on the other, it promotes the soft and real image of Islam.

Addressing a “story night with the stars” consisting of the narratives of those having converted to Islam in UK here on Sunday night, the Governor also said that the importance of “azan” i.e., the call for prayers five times a day, that is why every child is born as Muslims because the Muslim recite it (Azan) in his airs soon after his birth. Actually, the Governor was referring to the narrative of one of the ‘stars’ who disclosed on this occasion that on hearing ‘azan’ he converted to Islam.

The Governor pointed out that Islam is the greatest source of strength and guidance for its followers. It defines the perfect path for them to lead a successful life and it offers solution to all their problems. Islam is a way of life and we being Muslim staunchly believe that it is for all the times to come and will always be a beacon of light for its followers.

In all five new-Muslims one by one narrated their individual stories of how they converted to Islam and the audience felt their satisfaction but the most surprising aspect for the audience comprising both male and females and all age’s groups was that Eng.Shaukatullah Khan had already a personal repo with each of the story-teller.

Those who narrated their stories included Hamza Tzortziz, John Fontain, Qari Yaqoob and Yusuf Chambers from different parts of the U.K while the function was attended by MNA Col. (r)Dr. Ameerullah Marwat, ambassadors of a number of Muslim countries and a large number of those converted to Islam on different occasions.

The hosts were a charity Al-Rahmah Welfare Organization and its youth club whose services of the poor and needy in general and the militancy het areas in particular were appreciated by the Governor.

The Governor congratulated Hamza Tzortziz, Yousaf Chambers, John Fontain and Yaqub Mansoor Al-Rashidi for undertaking long journeys both spiritual and physical, referred them as young brothers and said their views have been deeply moving and a source of inspiration. He wished good luck to them all and hoped they find themselves at home and would enjoy the historical hospitality of the locals.

The Governor said that the difficulties the people have been facing today is a phenomena of temporary nature and Inshallah will fade away with the passage of time. He hoped that the visitors will find a better environment on their visit again. He also donated Rs.500, 000/- from his own resources.

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