Local elders views on law and order, FCR?

Peshawar: Tribal elders asked the administration to set free the innocent people. Tribal elders of Sadu Khel tribe demanded abolishment of Frontier Crimes Regulations ( FCR ).

The political administration and security forces are mainly responsible to maintain law and order in the area rather than to arrest innocent people of the area after IEDs explosions in the area, Sadu Khel tribe’s elders Mekail Khan, Younas Khan and Niaz Ameen expressed these views while talking to mediapersons in Landikotal press club here on Wednesday.

The security forces and political administration had arrested dozens of people after the IED’s explosion in Sadu khel area of Landikotal on Monday in which two personnel were killed and seven others sustained splinters injuries. The aforementioned tribal elders regretted that security forces and administration had arrested the innocent people of their Sadu Khel tribe in Landikotal who had nothing to do with the bomb blast.

Niaz Ameen Sadu Khel and his colleagues strongly criticized the political administration and the local Assistant Political Agent Landikotal for misusing the power and FCR, urging the federal government to take notice of the situation, saying that reforms in the Frontier Crimes Regulations have not been implemented with letter and spirit, which has been earning a bad name for the authorities concerned.

The people in the adjacent areas around Islamabad Katchery were neither arrested nor the nearby houses were searched under the territorial responsibility after the suicide attacks and firing but complained that in tribal regions particularly Landi were often taken into custody under the territorial responsibility clauses of FCR, which is a double standard with tribal people.

Niaz Ameen asked the government to abolish the FCR completely and take action against the local political administration and security forces for arresting dozens of innocent people of their tribe. They also made it clear that maintaining law and order was the basic duty of the administration and security forces.

Commonly the people from around the area of an untowards incident are taken into custody for investigations and set free after their enquiry.

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