Maulana Fazlur Rehman shall first understand importance of the word “Solo Flight”, Ali Amin

Peshawar: “Maulana Fazlur Rehman shall first understand the meaning and importance of the word “Solo Flight” before using it in his statements”, said Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Revenue and Estate in a press statement here today, while responding to Maulana’s outburst against PTI Drone Resolution in Islamabad.

He said, “ solo flight is the one where the pilot is alone in the flight/plane. Whereas neither PTI Chairman as a leader, nor PTI as a political party is alone in this “fight” for restoration of peace and national pride which Maulana in his infinite prudence calls a “flight”.

He said the entire nation was with them; with the exception of a few “robe bearers” of some local and foreign rulers whom had vested interest and ill gotten wealth abroad.

Ask anyone in the street and he would tell you, he wants the supplies to be stopped. Whereas the irony of situation is that only two months back it was his party, the JUI (F) that wanted to table a resolution in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly for blocking these supplies; but surprisingly today he calls such a resolution as point scoring.

It is a matter of concern for every Muslim that on one hand Maulana calls Hakimullah Mahsud Shaheed and on the other shows the insolence of comparing Shaheed to a dog.

This is height of two-faced duplicity. This time Drone has not killed just one individual or a group of men but it has struck at the root of negotiation process to which the government had finally agreed after a decade of flawed policy and misadventures. It was the sabotaging act that is being challenged and must be challenged with zeal and steadfastness.

He further said that those few who were trying to intimidate the nation with dire consequences seem to be forgetting or purposely ignoring the fact that today United States needed us more than we needed them.

Because we shall not only be hurting them with stopping the continual flow of supplies, but also their pull out plan. To put it in the words of their late President Eisenhower, they will leave behind “A legacy of Ashes”. Their political and military pundits in FO and Pentagon know this grave reality rather too well and will certainly not like to add another grave in this “Grave Yard of Empires”.

Ali Amin Gandapur appealed to all political parties and their young workers to look beyond party affiliations and make their leaders see reason and not to buck under the pressure but stand firm on blocking the supply line for the restoration of national pride and peace, he added.

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