Taliban expresses regret over dead lock in talks, Prof Ibrahim

Peshawar: Former spokesman and member of Taliban Shura Azam Tariq expressed dissatisfaction over the deadlock in peace in his telephonic talks with member of Talibans’ nominated committee professor Mohammad Ibrahim on Tuesday.

Talking to this scribe Professor Ibrahim said that Azam Tariq called him this morning and expressed regrets over the dead lock in the peace talks. “ Azam Tariq said that there should be no dead lock as all issues could be resolved through dialogue in between the two committees” professor said.

However before asking him as to why Taliban were involved in the killing of 16 FC men, the phone was disconnected which could not be re- connected again despite trying hard.

“ I wanted to ask Azam Tariq as to why they are showing such a behaviour after talks have been continued. If they say it was a reaction then they should have convoyed their reservations to us before showing such a reaction. We would have taken take up the issue with the government committee had Taliban informed us about the killing of their cronies in Nawshira,” Professor said adding but due to faulty phone connection he was unable to convoy this to Azam Tariq.

When asked as to why Taliban have killed 16 FC men when talks were under way, professor said that TTP Mohmand Agency has been claiming that it was a reaction of the killing of their 16 colleagues in Nawshihra.

Professor Ibrahim said that he was hopeful that talks will resume and deadlock will over as they have been trying sincerely for peace and this is why he becomes part of this peace committee.

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