PLO official denies reports of EU presenting Mideast initiative to US

Ramallah (WAFA) � Executive Committee member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Ahmad Majdalani on Saturday denied Israeli reports that the European Union had presented a political initiative on the Middle East conflict to the United States.

Speaking to Voice of Palestine radio, Majdalani said if the EU had come up with a new initiative on its own, it would have presented it to the Palestinians first before discussing it with the Americans. He commended the EU's position toward the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, calling it a balanced one.

It's a balanced position that adheres to the two-state solution and a political process that would lead to peace, the PLO official said, adding that the EU is opposed to any solution with predetermined dictates, such as in Jerusalem or refugees.

Majdalani stated that the Trump's administration is currently following a new policy toward the Palestinians, which includes telling them what to do based on its own perspective of a solution to the conflict with Israel. He said that none of the previous US administrations has followed a policy of dictates in spite of their bias toward Israel, but rather they always sought ways to close the gap between the conflicting parties.

Source: International Islamic News Agency