Pakistan facing challenges of terrorism, deteriorated economy; Mamnoon

QUETTA: Pakistan facing two major challenges of law and order and deteriorated economy. Economic situation has dragged Pakistan’s prestige behind. In 2008 Pakistan owed Rupees 6700 billion foreign loans which have now risen to 14800 billion in 2013. For payment of loans and interest thereon we have to obtain more loans or Pakistan would default in the comity of nations. We would steer the country of all crises.

This was stated by President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain at his meeting with senior journalists at Governor House here Wednesday.

Balochistan Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai, Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, Information Minister Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal, Chief Secretary Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad, Secretary Information Abdullah Jan and others were also present.

He called for promoting national harmony and close association among the provinces to foil nefarious designs against the country. “We Pakistanis are brothers of each other and have to play our due role to make our country most respectable and developed among other countries of the world.

Immediate need of the hour is to curb terrorism and restore peace in the country, as no foreign and local investment could be attracted to any region, without restoration of peace and maintenance of law and order, he said.

He said countries whose economic situation is strong they are leading the nations of the world and their politics is also strong. He said Pakistan is manufacturing F-17 Thunder aircrafts. We would be able to sell these aircrafts to other countries. It would be development in Defence sector.

He said that dialogues with Taliban were underway and hoped these would be successful. He said country is facing a situation which is not created by us. There is lawlessness in various parts of the country. But in Balochistan situation is different. Problems developed here due to sense of deprivation. Those talking of separation and other talks should be told that Pakistan is blessing of Almighty Allah and we should protect it. Why sense of deprivation prevailed here is because people here did not get correct behaviour. It is true Balochistan was not paid due attention which has been given to other provinces. This is smallest province populationwise while it is half of Pakistan areawise. Government in office is mindful that attention should be paid on Balochistan and those who are angry dialogues should be held with them because war is not solution to any problem but cooperation and love has solution. He said that government uses other options to resolve problems.

He said we are Muslims. It is message of Islam we all are brothers. He said it is binding upon Islamic state to ensure complete freedom to minorities. He said ills take sufficient time to redress them.

He said there was need to take steps to bring improvement in national economy and added a better economy puts the country on track of development.

President Mamnoon said that Balochistan Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai, Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch and other stakeholders have been given task to conduct peace talks with angry Baloch nationalists to bring them into mainstream.

President with the help of China economic corridor would be completed. Completion of 4,000 kilometres road from Kashghar to Gwadar and laying of rail track along it would boost national economy. He said Balochistan would be the biggest beneficiary of these projects, adding that Gwadar was going to become one of the important deep sea ports of the world. Besides Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Central Asian States would also be other beneficiaries.

He said power projects with the help of China would generate 22,000 mw electricity in the country. It would not only help in ending load-shedding, but would also enable the country to export surplus electricity.

He said Gwadar Port would become main port in the area where an international airport would also be built. He said investor also ensures his interest.

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