QESCO Spokesman

QUETTA: Quetta Electric Supply Company *QESCO) Spokesman has clarified a news item carried by a section of the Press about security clearance, repair of 220 kv towers and depriving 167 districts of electricity supply and said that despite this shortage supply was being made regularly to 17 districts.

QESCO Spokesman said here Monday that there is no truth 17 districts are without electricity because affected areas are being supplied electricity 4 hours daily in different period.

Spokesman added that staff of National transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) was working on said 220 kv towers for the last three days on emergency basis. It is hoped that NTDC would start supply on completion of repair of these towers.

Spokesman added that demand of electricity in Balochistan except Mekran has reached 1610 megawatts white only 357 mw area available. With the result shortfall stands at 1253 megawatts. To meet this shortage between demand and supply load shedding was being observed under load management. There is 9 hours load shedding in Quetta white areas outside Quetta are being supplied 4 hours electricity in different hours.

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