ANP leaders on Nawab Kasi’s abduction

QUETTA: Awami national Party would convene All Parties Conference on Nov 26 about non recovery of Nawab Abdul Zahir Kasi and a dharna would be staged in front of Balochistan Assembly during assembly session. These views were expressed by ANP Parliamentary leader in Balochistan Assembly Engineer Zamrak Achakzai and others at a joint Press conference here Wednesday.

ANP leaders said that despite lapse of two months Nawab Zahir Kasi and Dr Munaf Tareen could not be recovered. We held peaceful protest in this regard but government and agencies were not taking any notice and o headway was made yet. They said owing to incidents of abduction for ransom image of the province was deshaping in the country and bringing bad name for the government.

They said ANP Parliamentary leader tabled adjournment motion in provincial assembly but on the insistence of a minister assembly session was adjourned indefinitely.

They said ANP being follower of non valance waged peaceful struggle but some elements were misusing it. We are peace loving people and do our best to maintain peace in the city.

They said APC would be called on Nov 26 against abduction of Arbab Zahir Kasi in which all the parties would be invited. We would not sit rest unless he was recovered. We are democratic people and believe in democracy. We would not soil democratic traditions. They called one day session of Balochistan Assembly should be summoned and this incident should be debated.

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