BA strongly protests over recovery of dead bodies in Tootak

QUETTA: Balochistan Assembly strongly protested recovery of dead bodies in Tootak area of District Khuzdar here Tuesday. Members from treasury and Opposition while condemning the recovery demanded factual position should be made public.

Speaker ruled since the matter is serious, house would hold debate on it on Saturday and Provincial Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti would take the house in confidence in the matter.

Speaking on point of order MPA Haji Islam (National party) said that recovery of dead bodies from mass grave in Tootak is regretted. He said it is matter of grave concern. Members are ignorant and they came to know of such new through media which bring bad name for government.

He asked home minister to inform how many dead bodies have been recovered. He aid DNA test of these bodies should be carried out so ascertain factual position.

Adviser on Finance Khalid Langov said to expose if pro Pakistan or Insurgents are behind this incident. He said we want justice. Government and FC unveiled this and recovered dead bodies.

He regretted that media fully protested over incident with Malala Yousufzai but no coverage was being given to killings of Baloch people.

Leer of Opposition Maulana Abdul Wasay said Tootak incident is shameful and our hearts were bleeding. None was showing seriousness. He said for sake of Allah rung the government with responsibility.

Provincial Minister for Information Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal said we condemn the recovery of dead bodies and would bring the real position. He said government condemns the incident

Provincial Minister Dr Hamid Achakzai said such incidents are intolerable and reality would be made public.

Abdul Rehman Khetran said that law enforcement agencies showed him as terrorist and spoiled all traditions by attacking his village in Barkhan. He said he was a Pakistani and did not come from India. He said if any Khetran tribesman was involved in terrorism he would commit suicide at Jinnah road.

Provincial Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti while giving details of the incident told the House that first a grazer saw a hand and reported to FC. FC informed DC who reached the scene along with levies. He aid so far 13 dead bodies were found which have been shifted to Khuzdar hospital. He aid samples of these bodies would be obtained for DNA test.

He said media was showing exaggerated number of bodies. Speaker ruled that House would discuss the matter because of its important on Saturday and adjourned it till Wednesday afternoon.

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