Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani speaks

QUETTA: When English were ruling this country, there was no Shariah nor Islamic rules enforced and now when it is an Islamic country there is no Shariah or our rulers follow Islamic teachings.

This was stated by Amir JUI Balochistan and Chairman Council of Islamic ideology Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani at inaugural ceremony of party membership campaign here Wednesday.

Maulana Sherani said almost all the nations of the world do not follow prayers or fast nor their belief but Muslims are one who follow teachings of Islam and regularly offer prayers and keep fast.

He said it is regretted that when Britishers were ruling the country there was no shariah or Islamic orders and now when it is Islamic country there exists no Shariah law nor our rulers follow Islam. This is the reason we are confronted with multifarious problems today. He said when Muslims sincerely work Allah almighty do helps them.

He said there is need for unity among the ranks and files of Jamiat. If we do not understand responsibility of Jamiat as duty and create differences definitely there will be failure and disappointment. When viewed disappointment in Balochistan when in general elections and during local bodies polls our colleagues did not work properly. He said still there is time our party colleagues should discharge their reasonability with sincerity.

Maulana Sherani said though we speak of revolution but we are unable to bring a revolution in ourselves. Unless we do so we must not think of revolution he added. He said we Are Muslims and we should follow Islam sincerely and do not follow wrong intentions and wrong thought.

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