National Speleo and Caving team of Pakistan

QUETTA: National Speleo and Caving team of Pakistan Headed by team leader Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) is representing Pakistan in 1st International Speleo and Caving Congress in Iran on self help basis.

The opening ceremony of the congress held on 16th January in Istaqlal hotel Tehran more then 48 Countries including USA , Canada, France, Australia, China, Nederland, Italy participated in the ceremony organised by Caving Department of IMSCF and Geological Survey of Iran.

The National Caving and Speleologists team of Pakistan Cave Research and Caving Federation with collaboration of Chiltan Adventuress Association Balochistan consist of three cavers and Speleologists Headed by Pakistan’s caving legend Hayatullah Khan Durrani and cavers Mohammad Abubakar Durrani and Muhammad Usman Khilji the 2nd session of the seminar on Caving Speleology and Geology was held on 17th February in Bu-Ali-Seena University of Hamadan Hayatullah Khan Durrani presented attractive lecture and video film presentation titled “Cave Exploration in Pakistan.”

Hayatullah Khan Durrani also presented commemorative shield of Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation to the President of the Union of International Speleology (UIS) Prof, Ph.D Kyung Sik Woo.

The Chairman of Pakistan Cave Research Caving Federation and Chiltan Adventurers Association Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai hailed the participation of Pakistan National Caving and speleology team in the International Congress, Iran.

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