Substandard medicines flood Badin markets

Badin, Sindh: Substandard and spurious medicines have flooded local markets, giving a windfall to owners of medicine companies and medical stores but creating serious problems for patients.

Due to big profit margin on substandard medicines majority of the medical stores have stopped selling genuine drugs of good local and multinational companies and stocked their cheap substitutes, made by new companies with less credibility. It is learnt that this dirty business in not possible unless the culprits enjoy patronage of drug inspectors.

The aggressive marketing strategies including luct5ravie commission and local and foreign family trips have lured many doctors to prescribe these substandard drugs to their patients. The local health department officials are not taking any steps to save the life and health of patients. Majority of private doctors and clinics do not care about the interests of patients and promote the business of spurious medicines to make their profits maximized.

The local leaders of Pakistan Medical Association PMA, citizens and rights activists have demanded of the government to take action against negligent drug inspectors and other related officials of health department and purge the local market from substandard medicine to save precious lives of citizens.

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